Automate your outreach
Create personalized campaigns that send on their own. Drop in recipients and watch them engage.
Personalize at scale
Send relevant emails to everyone on your list. Personalization placeholders fill in specific details.
Stay on track and on task
Email campaigns will send automatically based off of recipient engagement.
Amazing personalization

Personalize your email completely with custom fields

Personalize every single aspect of your email campaigns, and your prospects will feel as if you were personally and manually crafting an email just for them. Using this technique it will increase your response rate and you will close more deals.

Add prospects directly from different sources

You can add prospects via a .csv file or you can connect your MySQL data base with Stackmails. Once a user will register on your website you will start sending a series of personalised e-mails. You will skyrocket your open rates and sales !!!
Perfect automations

Automate an email campaign to all your prospects

Stackmails allows you to automate your campaigns if your prospect replies, opens, does not open, after a number of days/months and even years. You can even send drip campaigns to your prospects.

How Stackmails Works

Watch the video to see how you can launch a campaign in only a few minutes. All you need is to have your own gmail account and a list of prospects.

Our Clients

Email Automation
Stackmails takes care of your email follow ups and drip campaigns by comprehensively automating email workflows with your prospects and customers.
Analytics and Tracking
Stay ahead of the game by tracking your email progress. Stackmails tracks your delivery, open, click, and reply rates.
Mysql Integration
Seamlessly integrate with your actual website to further enhance and organize your campaigns. Bring all your leads and prospects over from your website or store to keep your contact list up to date.
Send Trigger-Based Emails
Stackmails makes it easy to send trigger-based email follow-ups and drip campaigns. You can send emails when recipients click a link in one of your campaign or after recipient opens an email.
How it works

Learn how to send your first outreach email in a few minutes.

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