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Email Automation

Stackmails takes care of your email follow ups and drip campaigns by comprehensively automating email workflows with your prospects and customers.

Mysql Integration

Seamlessly integrate with your actual website to further enhance and organize your campaigns. Bring all your leads and prospects over from your website or store to keep your contact list up to date.

Analytics and Tracking

Stay ahead of the game by tracking your email progress. Stackmails tracks your delivery, open, click, and reply rates. You can also see the stats detailing "Out of Office", auto-responder, and bounced emails.

Personalized Bulk Messages

Send personalized emails to upto 2000 recipients using custom mail merge fields from your uploaded CSV.

Campaign Scheduling

You can set to start the campaign on a certain date. This feature will make your outreach more natural.

Send Trigger-based Follow up Emails.

Stackmails makes it easy to send trigger-based email follow-ups and drip campaigns. You can send emails when recipients click a link in one of your campaign or after recipient opens an email.

Allow Multi Email Accounts

Integrate more than one gmail account into Stackmails and use all of them to send mail merge campaigns with automated follow-ups.

Link Tracking

Know what happens to your links in the emails and how many times they get clicked on.

Bounce Rate Tracking

Know how many of your emails failed to get delivered. You can also check the percentage of bounced emails as a part of email campaign statistics.

Unlimited FOLLOW-UPS and DRIP Campaigns

Set unlimited follow-up emails with multiple trigger settings like – “Not replied”, “Not opened” and “Clicked on link”.

Send as Reply

Send follow-up emails in the same thread with the previous emails, to be seen as a response to the earlier messages.

Add Unsubscribe Link

One can add an unsubscribe link in email body at each stage of the email merge campaign so that recipient can opt-out from further emails.

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