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Easily send mass personalized email campaigns with follow ups from your email account, as if you were sending them manually with Stackmails.

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Send relevant emails to everyone on your list. Personalization placeholders fill in specific details.

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Email campaigns will send automatically based off of recipient engagement.

How It Works

Learn how to send your first outreach email in a few minutes.
Connect your gmail account
Our system sends emails through your Gmail account, including G Suite and aliases automatically, but one by one as if you were sending them manually.
  • Connect your gmail account
  • Connect your Gsuite account
Create a new campaign
Select a name for our campaign and add recipients to this campaign. You can upload a .csv file, use an existing list or you can connect to a mySql database you already have. For example you can connect to your WordPress blog. When a user will register to your blog it will be added automatically to this campaign.
  • Select a name for your campaign
  • Upload a CSV file with leads
  • Connect your MySQL database
Map Columns
Personalize your emails with many custom fields to make them feel natural. Create hyper-personalized emails that will resonate with your contacts and boost your conversion rates.
  • Map your CSV columns
  • Create personalized bulk emails
Preview all recipients
Immediately after you upload the .csv file you can preview and edit or delete each lead.
Write the copy of your email
Write the copy of your first Opening Email / Follow-Up Emails / Drip Emails and On Click Emails. You can use custom mail merge fields from your uploaded CSV. In this way your e-mail will be unique and will reach more inboxes then traditional marketing e-mails. You have also the option to preview all messages to make sure the mail merge fields are properly applied.
Set the campaign options
You can track who opens your e-mails and you can track also users who visit your links.
Custom Fields to Make Things Personal
Personalize every single aspect of your email campaigns, and your prospects will feel as if you were personally and manually crafting an email just for them. Using this technique it will increase your response rate and you will close more deals.
Add Prospects Directly From Different Sources
You can add prospects via a .csv file or you  can connect your MySQL data base with Stackmails. Once a user will register on your website you will start sending a series of personalised e-mails. You will skyrocket your open rates and sales !!!
Automate an Email Campaign to All Your Prospects
Stackmails allows you to automate your campaigns if your prospect replies, opens, does not open, after a number of days/months and even years. You can even send drip campaigns to your prospects.

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All you need is a Gmail or G Suite account