Stackmails History and Roadmap

May 8

You can test your outreach e-mails

You can test your outreach e-mails
Immediately after you will compose your e-mails you can send yourself a test e-mail
May 3

Add images on your e-mails

Add images on your e-mails
You can add images to your e-mails.
April 9

Add a BCC for each campaign

Add a BCC for each campaign
You can add a BCC when you create a new campaign and you will have the conversation inside your CRM like Hubspot
April 9

Edit limits on per account basis

Edit limits on per account basis
You can edit how many e-mails you will send per day. Please note that you can edit also how many e-mails you send per campaign. This is a safety feature to make sure you will not have issues with your gmail or Gsuite account.
March 21

Add subscribers in active campaigns

Add subscribers in active campaigns
From now on you ca add new subscribers to your active campaigns. If you hhave already a running campaign you can add new subscribers and they will receive the same series of e-mails.
February 28

Delete emails from your lists

Delete emails from your lists
After you import your list you can also delete your emails if you spot a bad e-mail :). You need to click on Lists > View List > Delete
February 28

Remove duplicates

You can remove duplicate emails from your lists. From today when you upload your e-mail lists it will remove duplicated e-mails. In this way you are sure you will not send the same e-mail twice to your audience.
February 25

Export Recipients

Export Recipients
You can export your recipients and you can use them in other campaigns. You have the following option available. Export all recipients / Export recipients that opened / Export recipients that replied / Export recipients that clicked / Export unsubscribed recipients / Export recipients that bounced
February 14

Edit active campaigns

Edit active campaigns
From now on you can edit the campaigns after you started already. Very useful if you want to change the number of emails you want to send per day.
February 7

Schedule your campaigns

Schedule your campaigns
You now have the option to Schedule your campaigns to start on a date in the future. You can do this when you create a new campaign on the options tab
February 6

SMTP Integrations

SMTP Integrations
You can now integrate with external SMTP Providers like Sendgrid or any other provider. You can find these settings on the integration area.
January 31

Small bug fixes

You will not be able to upload CSV file with bad formatted emails. Sometimes a campaign will be placed on Pause automatically. ( now you will find an error message and you can cancel or resume the campaign )
January 25

More CSV Upload Formats

When you upload a CSV you have more formats you can upload ( Unix , Legacy Mac OS  )
January 7

Analytics view

Changed how the analytics page looks like. You can see easier how your campaign will perform.
December 10

Server upgrade

We upgraded the server and we killed some small bugs.
November 29

Auto tracking of the links

When you insert a link inside your email body it will add auto tracking features
November 8

Auto pause your inactive campaigns

If your campaign will not have any activity from a long time it will auto pause.
October 22

Check Mysql Status

You can not check if the integration with database are active or not. We introduced the “Check status” button. You can see if the connection to your database is still active.
October 20

Export your subscribers

You can export your lists of users.
October 11

Affiliate program is here

We opened our affiliate program. What is more important is that you can share your campaigns with your partners. ( see feature bellow from 3 October 2018 ) and you can make money if one of your partners will buy a Stackmails account from your shared campaign.
October 3

Huge Update – Import Campaigns

We allow our users to import one campaign from one user to another one. For example you can create a campaign with 10 drip emails and if you want you can share a unique link with your partners. The campaign will copy from your account to another account ( without..Read More
September 22

Simulate human behaviour

Now our software sends e-mails with a random time between each email to simulate better the human behaviour. The open rate will be higher.
August 27

Duplicate a campaign

You can duplicate a campaign with a single click. All your e-mail sequences will be cloned in a few seconds.
August 23

Pause / Start a campaign

You can now pause a campaign. We added the option to pause / start a campaign
August 22

We placed automatic limits when you send e-mails.

You can not send more than 500 emails for a gmail account and 2000 emails for a Gsuite account per day.  We placed this limit to make sure your account will not be blocked for 24 hours. ( we recommend always to send less than these values )
August 21

Add aliases to each Gmail / Gsuite account

You can add aliases for each Gmail / Gsuite account.  This will allow you to send e-mails from your regular e-mail.
August 20

Add more Gmail / Gsuite Emails

You can add now more then a single GMail / Gsuite account. You can add 5 accounts
August 7

MYSQL integration

You can create a campaign and instead of uploading a list with CSV file our system will fetch your users from your database.
March 2

We bought our domain name Stackmails

On 02 March 2018 after a lot of research we finally found our domain name. For a huge investment of $12 🙂 and hours of time searching for the perfect name we agreed that Stackmails will be our brand.
August 31

We started Stackmails !!!

We started Stackmails !!!
In 2017 we started Stackmails and we used it only for our personal use !!! Since we started Stackmails we increased our revenue and our sales team are playing video games instead of closing deals.
January 26

We started marketing automation

In 2016 we started marketing automation When we started marketing automation we noticed how much we lost in the past
January 1

We tried different venues !!!

2002-2014 Like any other business people we tried to generate as many sales as we can.
January 1

Our first computer !!!

A long time ago we started our online journey selling software and products for web designers and developers.
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